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Slippery ll - "TOXIC" JK Unlimited Rubicon Build

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Starting my 2nd JK build. It won't be as big or bad as Slippery l, but I think we'll enjoy it just the same or more, and use it a lot more as well.

Lower so the wife and kids can get in and out easier, and smaller tires so we can drive it anywhere more comfortably.

Planning to do as much as possible in the garage. I'm just getting started with the

Then I'll add some products from MISCH4X4, some POISON SPYDER bumpers and Armor, and some RACELINE WHEELS. Then we'll see what's next.


New Jeep:

Never on a rock:

So I have my Rock Krawler instructions out, Jeep on stands, and I'm ready to start.

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It does ride good and drives good too! I think you'll be happy with 35s, probably not so much with 37. Hmmm, seems like six months ago you were trying to talk me out of 37s. LOL.
Did you get the Moog TREs to work with the RK Tie rod?
and the boot is still intact. we need to fix that!
1 - 3 of 71 Posts
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