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Slippery ll - "TOXIC" JK Unlimited Rubicon Build

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Starting my 2nd JK build. It won't be as big or bad as Slippery l, but I think we'll enjoy it just the same or more, and use it a lot more as well.

Lower so the wife and kids can get in and out easier, and smaller tires so we can drive it anywhere more comfortably.

Planning to do as much as possible in the garage. I'm just getting started with the

Then I'll add some products from MISCH4X4, some POISON SPYDER bumpers and Armor, and some RACELINE WHEELS. Then we'll see what's next.


New Jeep:

Never on a rock:

So I have my Rock Krawler instructions out, Jeep on stands, and I'm ready to start.

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Can't wait to see it unfold!
Is this a 2012?

Nevermind...I saw you bought it used...void this post.
Looks great! What tire size and wheel combo are you planning to run?
FWIW, I have Nitto Trail Grapplers (35x12.5) on my 08 F-150 and LOVE them. They aren't too loud and they ride great with great wear, plus they look killer and have great traction off-road.
Hey Slippery,

I had a question about the lift install, since I have been following this thread.
You said you are using the RK 3.5 with the 2.5 springs, and this is what I had thought about doing when I got to putting a lift on.
So as far as the install went did you still use all the 3.5 parts and just keep your stock rear track bar?
I had asked RK about doing this and I was told that the 3.5 rear track bar is over bent for the 2.5 lift, and that my rear axle would not be centered in the rear wells because the control arms are longer.
Do you think bigger tires are going to rub the rear bumper under compression?
Anyway I saw your build going and you did just what I wanted to do, it looks great and I can't wait to see it all come together.

I second this question
It's together, but not ready for that. Might come and ride shotgun with somebody.
Pictures of progress?
Those are some awesome parts :bounce:
Where in GA are you located? I'm in Adairsville...
Have the new tires on?
Wow that looks great! Put some full doors back on it though :D
The full doors look nice but ruin the trail experience. These soft doors are for trail trips, Moab, Jeep Beach, etc. Pull them when I want, and back on in a minute when I need them.

Will go full doors when we get back from Moab.
Sounds awesome. Could you tell me the height from the ground to bottom of the driver's door sill? I'm debating getting a side step depending on the height and I'm looking at this same suspension/tire setup
He is on his way to EJS, I'm sure he'll hook you up when he can.
Lucky guy!
Updates with pictures? How was Moab? Did you replace the stick driveshafts with this lift?
Did this build stop?
Why'd you go with the 3.5" springs over 2.5"?
Picture says it all:
Good call lol
1 - 16 of 71 Posts
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