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Everything you need to stay fresh on the trail $300 :smokin:


Synergy Suspension Sit Shower Shave Kit - "Full bathroom in a bucket"
5 gallon bucket, wag bags, toilet seat & lid, and heated shower
Includes brazed copper plate heat exchanger and mount to easily install on any flat surface
All necessary quick release and barb fittings are included along with 50 ft of fiber reinforced 1/2" rubber hose
Heavy duty 12V diaphragm water pump can be used in fresh or salt water conditions and utilizes quick release fittings, has self priming capabilities, a serviceable filter and built in thermal overload protection
Shower Head features On/Off switch and includes 25ft of attached hose
Kit can be installed with simple hand tools on any water cooled vehicle

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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