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Silent horn

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There's no sound from my horn anymore... checked fuses (22 + 23), checked connection by the horn itself. Nothing seems wrong.
No juice at the + cable by the horn when pressing the wheelbutton.

Actually, it hasn't been working since last fall.

A couple of weeks ago, after disconnecting the battery for a while, the horn honked loudly when connecting the battery again, so clearly the horn works...

Any ideas or anything else to check?
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The horn work when you hit tha panic button?
I have manual locked doors, no remote...
It could be ear wax, try a cue-tip. The stock horn is so quiet you may simply not be hearing it :laughing::laughing:
I had water in my horns,did'nt work for a week,and if you keep getting water in them,they will die completly.
Yes, but as I've measured voltage at the cable at the horn - while pressing the hornbutton - and theres no juice, it must be something else...

My works very intermittently. I have to move the button on the steering wheel all over to find the right spot. Will be taking it to the dealer soon.
Another Chrysler Quirk

Yeah, I have a number of strange quirks in my JK. The horn being one of them. First off, I did lose the stock horn to mud and water. Guess it's not the go anywhere do anything horn. Replaced it with an aftermarket air horn.

Anyway, after doing a long climb, about 6000 ft in 40 miles I stopped for gas.
I used the key fob to lock the doors and noticed that the horn did not sound.
I tried a couple more times and still no horn. Then I pressed the horn on the steering wheel and still no sound. I checked the fuse and it was good. The next day the horn came back. Go figure.
My horn has never made any sound when locking or unlocking the vehicle with the key fob, accept on two occasions where after the alarm has gone off and I unlock the doors with the key fob the horn honks once. But the horn always works when I am pissed at someone in traffic.
Got it back from the dealer. It was a shortcircuit somehwere in the steering wheel... so, now it's working again. Wish it didn't, though... that horn sounds like a weeping little girl...:shaking: Needs instant replacement!:smokin:
My horn is packed with mud, And barely works!

When i was on the trail the first time, I hit a mud pit... Not such a good thing to do in a new Jeep!

My horn went from BEEP BEEP! to meep meep. :D
:) ...when it actually should sound JEEP JEEP!:D
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