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Side by side comparison/review. Skyjacker 4" coils vs Full Traction 4" coils

So this is the start of what will be a fairly lengthy thread. I'm currently in the process of making my TJ ride better. the current set up is:

Full Traction 4" long arm
Skyjacker Nitro shocks
Teraflex rear sway bar
JKS front disconnects to the factory sway bar

currently i'm pleased with the handling. it handles like it's a roller skate. However, it seems like it rides a little bit like it's a roller skate as well.

After having a pretty good discussion with Lonnie from Skyjacker, he suggested i try their 4" coils. He said they've done side by side comparisons against other 4" coils in the industry but never against full traction's. He wants to get my honest comparison with them side by side.

so i have a set of 4" coils on the way from skyjacker. I'm going to leave the almost new (3000 mile) nitro shocks on the rig and just do a spring comparison.

I'll also include ride height, spring length, and my impressions on ride quality. I will say though, it's extremely nice to be able to shoot a facebook message or email to someone that high up in a company and have them personally talk to you about your setup. especially when you're not looking at high dollar shocks (my original question to him).

what a super nice guy. I look forward to comparing the coils side by side and sharing my findings on here.
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