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SHROCKWORKS Rear Stubby Tire Carrier install with PICS

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So i installed it today, let me tell you if yo have never installed a shrockworks product, their stuff is probably easier to install then anything out there,

I have the front bumper the rockers and now the tire carrier, the tire carrier was definitely a piece of cake to install, I took my time and was done in about 4 hours.

Here are some pics
This is how the bumper looks out of the box, everything was packed fantastic and top notch ( again something i have come to expect from the guys at Shrockworks)

here are the backup lights that are included the bumper is designed for these, so the fit is perfect

and here the light is mounted on the bumper

more in the next post
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this is how the jeep looks like before i started

removed lights and bumper

here are the frame brackets

and the bracket sitting in the frame (only drilling is one hole on the passenger side)

now i masked everything on the jeep and the bumper, just to be sure i wont damage anything(as i am usually capable of doing)

here is the masked bumper installed on the jeep

here you can see the ground for the reverse light, you reuse the bottom bolt for the factory license plate mount

you can see the plug where the factory license plate mount used to be, shrockworks includes this, very nice touch

more in next post
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here is the tire mount brackets
everything is very adjustable for any variety of applications

here is the tire mount mounted

you can also see the CB Mount in the pic, i have a hi lift mount as well, since i dont have a hi lift and never will i didnt mount the brackets

here you can see the stainless steel plate that is for the tire stop

the bumper is mounted

here is the right view

right view again with my rear view camera that i attached to the bumper

left view

back view at night

here you can see the hinge and how i ran the wire for the third brake light and license plate light (which were all included)

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i cant say enough good things about this thing
it was soo worth the wait and the money i paid for it
all the components are A+ fit and finish is beyond excellent
if anyone wants to see the high res images
they are located here

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