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Shocks and suspension travel issue

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Hi guys, this is my first post here, but been an offroader for some time and on my 4th wrangler.

I have JK with RK 2.5 X-factor and Fox 2.0 shocks, running 37 BFG. The suspension was installed a couple of weeks ago and today I had the time to check for clearance on a RTi ramp from a friend of mine.

The issue can be seen on the pics. The shock body touches the frame and the shock rod bends a little.

I don't think this is a normal issue, and don't remember reading anything like this in forums. Is it something I should be concerned about? Will my shocks leak with time? Thanks in advance.

I'm sure this would have happened with any suspension so I don't think it is a RK problem.

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this is a very normal issue but a very bad one. you must either limit travel or move your shocks outboard a little. poly has a kit that i used for awhile until i got my tera 44. it will break your shock if you dont corect this im running the RK2.5 and fox 2.0 resi shocks. i feel your pain but they must be moved tward the wheel!
This poly kit moves the upper or the lower part out?
Poly has a 80.00 bolt on kit and a 35.00 weld on bracket...

Nemesis is 89.00 but rotate the shock eye making it better for the bushings. The downside for me on Nemesis is that raises the mount .5" since I don't have more clearence.

I'll look for the Poly weld on kit...

Thanks for the help!!
Have you considered stretching out the arms a little bit further?
I don't think it will work. Maybe make things worse since the shock will still touch the frame and start touching the side tabs on the frame where the shock lies...

I'm just curious that with all the posts about suspensions, and concerns about bumpstops size, trimmings, wheel clearence and others, I didn't hear anyone warning about this issue or it's not quite often spoken here.

This really bends the shocks rod...
lengthening the control arms would do nothing for this issue. just move it forward. it has been discused a little bit but its a one time fix unlike bump s that you revisit with each new set of tires-fenders-shocks and so on. hope we helped. have fun with the new lift. driving on it like this is not a big deal around town. but i would advise you not to flex untill its solved or you will break your shocks.
Thanks for your help jtjk!

I'm getting the nemesis and will see how my shocks will handle it.
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