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Shocks and suspension travel issue

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Hi guys, this is my first post here, but been an offroader for some time and on my 4th wrangler.

I have JK with RK 2.5 X-factor and Fox 2.0 shocks, running 37 BFG. The suspension was installed a couple of weeks ago and today I had the time to check for clearance on a RTi ramp from a friend of mine.

The issue can be seen on the pics. The shock body touches the frame and the shock rod bends a little.

I don't think this is a normal issue, and don't remember reading anything like this in forums. Is it something I should be concerned about? Will my shocks leak with time? Thanks in advance.

I'm sure this would have happened with any suspension so I don't think it is a RK problem.

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I had the same problem. You will break a shock if it persists. Nemesis Industries makes a bolt on shock relocation bracket that works well. Moves the lower bracket out and up a little, for a decently cheap price.
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