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Anyone know the extended and collapsed length of the stock Rubicon rear shock? Or better yet if you have a 2.5" lift using Bilstein 5150 shocks, what part number are they? Thanks.
Stock Rubicon rear shock lengths:
Collapsed = 14.625"
Extended = 23 .125"
Travel = 8.50"

Stock rear shock lengths:
Collapsed = 14.50"
Extended = 22.50"
Travel = 8.0"

Poly Performance rear shock lengths:
Collapsed = 17.19"
Extended = 28.43"
Travel = 11.24"

Check out THESE SHOCKS if you are still using the factory rear lower mounts.

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Thanks for the quick replies. I'm in a real pinch and kinda panicked, I need them by Friday or no wheeling for me on this weekend. I broke a rear shock and need new ones. It normally wouldn't be a big deal but the 4x4 club I belong to has a big event this weekend. I ended up getting 2 Rubicon Express shock overnighted for the time being since it was the only thing i could find while my mind was in other places. Sorry I forgot about Poly. :( When I replace these soon I would like to get the Poly shocks.

Thanks again. :beer:
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