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I went with 16" wheels to keep my sidewall as big as possible for off roading purposes, I wont go that often but I dont want to have a problem when I do!
I went with 4" BS because I had them on my last JK, no rub and it doesn't stick out too much from the fenders.
I am on my second set of Baja MTZ's, they work great in all weather conditions on and off road.
Gears are tricky, I have 35's on mine and will be doing about the same 90% on road, 10% off and I don't think I will be going any higher than 4.56's. Last time I had 35's with 5.13s and it was way too much gear and I hated driving it on the highway.

This is just my opinion, there are many options out there. I am just sharing my own experience.

Good luck with your build!
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