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Here's some of my shots from SEMA I didn't take much, I was busy this year! I got home last night, 9 days outta town is too much sometimes!

One of our racks buried in skateboards looked pretty cool.

Ok, this ones not a Jeep, but hell...I'd wheel it!

Ariel Atom


You know how I am about rally, so here's that. I'm not really liking the hatchback WRX...blech.

Our booth

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Man, I still can not belive Suby went that route. I know overseas hatches are much more popular but I really feel like they may loose some market share to Mitsu with the X due out this year and looking mean. IDK, who knows, with the more sutle appearence maybe it will open up a larger market for the STi in the U.S. other then just the younger crouwd.

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