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So slight change in plans and the axles are going for sale. I bought them for my JK, and they are stock, but complete.

Front 1989 Ford Dana 60 with the desirable kingpin configuration, complete rotor to rotor, in great shape. Gears are wither 3.73 or 4.10's, I was going to regear anyway.

Rear is the heavier duty 14 bolt full floater also no idea on gears, likely 3.73 or 4.10 (may be 4.56). also complete and also bought some extras, like disc brake conversion brackets and other misc parts.

Axles are located in the Lake Tahoe area this week, but bringing to the Bay Area next week.
These are beef and ready to be built. Looking for $1500 for the pair. as far as trades, I am looking for 40" tires and 8 lug beadlock wheels so open for possible or partial trades.

Any questions, let me know



Dana 60 1989 Kingpin front

14 bolt:

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