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I have a gen 4 6.0 out of a 2014 Silverado that had 3200 miles on it when wrecked. I dropped the engine off to total engine concepts that build ls9's for supercars for the work and have all the receipts. Basicly they stripped her down, hot tanked the block, light hone on cyl walls and reassembled the shortblock with a mild cam and vvt cam phaser kit. I have well over $6000 in the motor....

$5500 firm

Newly assembled block with new rings (see picture of machine shop receipt)
brand new ls3 heads with new head gaskets and new head bolts
new aluminum valve covers
new ls3 intake, injectors and fuel rail
motor mounts
and I'm sure other bits and pieces that make this needed for the ls swap, just ask
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6l80E from a 2013 Silverado with 1300 miles, very clean and shiny aluminum case, looks new. Also includes dipstick and torque converter
cost $1900


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3" afe ss cat back exhaust. part number says its for a 12-16 but I couldn't tell the difference for an 09...hangers are in the same spot
part number 49-46222
cost $525 at my door


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I know this is an old thread but does anyone know where I can find a similar car? Also, how much did you sell it for? I want to know which would be the acceptable price for it. I have developed a huge liking towards this car since the day I went on a test drive in a huge Scrapping a Car Without a v5 Document scrap yard. They have all kinds of terrain there and I could enjoy myself in this amazing car. It also looks very good on city streets in my opinion and is very comfortable too.

Try Searching...

WTF is with all the newbee's
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