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Whenever you move up to larger tires, you should either run a swing-out tire carrier or upgrade your tailgate carrier.
With the Teraflex HD Carrier, you can run up to a 37" tire on the adjustable tire mount!


Teraflex HD Hinged Carrier & Adjustable Spare Tire Mounting Kit
Retail $710.59 (before 10% discount)
Click here to order

The TeraFlex Heavy Duty Hinged Carrier & Adjustable Spare Tire Mounting Kit is designed to carry up to a 37" tire over the most extreme trails and obstacles and provide easy and immediate access to the rear cargo area with a single action. This kit spreads the load and weight of the tire to more than just one hinge point. Incorporating and using the factory tailgate hinge mounting points spreads and separates the load of the tire to more than just one hinge point, resulting in maximum strength and durability.

With a cast aluminum reinforcement plate, you'll have the durability but at a reduced weight.
The fitment of the Teraflex HD Carrier is designed to follow the contour of the Jeep's body, and allowing for additional mounting points for off-road accessories such as a hi-lift or gas cans.

The idea behind the carrier was to remove all stress from the tailgate by using the carrier as the load-carrying object. Basically it carries the weight of the tailgate along with the spare tire!
It's an easy bolt on installation that allows for the use of basic hand tools as well as your choice of most aftermarket bumpers. All mounting hardware included as well.

Don't get any smart ideas though, this carrier is a patented design (#D698224) that is covered by the USPTO.

So add this to your list of mods for your Jeep...you'll be glad you did!
When you're ready to order, shoot us a PM and we'll get a quote for you.​
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