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From Gator Jaws to Tree Huggers,
and even the original Bubba Rope itself,
Morris 4x4 Center has what you need
to get yourself and others unstuck!

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Bubba Rope "Gator Jaw":
Our Price: $42.99

The Bubba Rope Gator Jaw 7/16" Soft Shackle is an award winning product made from the highest strength synthetic rope available. They are stronger than comparable rope shackles and have a breaking strength of 32,000 pounds! It will not rust and will float in water as well as providing many different towing applications. The Gator Jaw 7/16" Soft Shackle by Bubba Rope can be washed off with water and air dried.

Bubba Rope "Tree Hugger"
Our Price: $59.00-$89.00

Bubba Rope Tree Hugger is a perfect way to safely winch yourself out of some difficult situations while still managing to leave your surroundings green and un-scarred. It is made from 3" wide 100% polyester webbing that can wrap around a tree like a soft cuddle keeping your winch cable from girdling the bark off your tree buddy's trunk.

The Original Bubba Rope
See website for individual pricing

Bubba Rope® professional snatch ropes are the strongest of their kind and beat any strap for vehicle recovery. Developed with military-spec quality and strength, these recovery ropes surpass other solutions due to their unique kinetic properties and polymer coating. Our ropes are inspected and tested for both quality and breaking strengths on certified test beds at our factory.
These durable black Bubba ropes come in four different breaking strengths from 7,400 lbs. up to 131,500 lbs.​
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