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My father surprised me this year with a really nice Python. I had no idea one was coming, but apparently he bought it off his friend and had been allowed to pay it off in installments before the holiday came, he's a great guy.
Anyhoo, the gun is a 1 (now 2) owner gun, and was taken care of by the owner very well I'd say. The condition appears to be pretty darn clean, and it came with all the Colt paperwork/box, and even had its trigger pull worked on over at the Colt factory. I have the receipt to back it up. All in all, I'd say I'm really happy but I just wanted to ask you guys if there were any obvious references I could check.

Basic questions: Any good instructions/videos on properly cleaning/polishing/protecting a Python? What are the typical spots of wear/damage? I feel pretty confident that the previous owner took care of it well based on its condition, according to him he only ever shot 2 boxes of .357 through it. The rest were .38 special wadcutters.

Here it is!:

Love it!
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