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Just saying hi. Got a 08 Rubi, love it. Finally made it out for some real wheel'n this weekend. Drove up to Corral Canyon for some play time in the rocks. I must say... I am more than happy with my Rubi. Honestly I was on the verge of selling it for something older and more built. Well... I think the rock bites in the wheels and skiddies kinda bring the value down, but I don't care anymore. This Jeep is staying right here.
I have a couple mods so far, just a CAI and a cat back. I plan on posting the pics of the install soon.
I can usually be found diving SD, out in the middle of no where shooting guns, or wheeling. Hit me up if you wana dive or wheel. Diving: I dive dry and prefer doubles. Wheeling: I don't mind getting dirty, and I'm not that scared to break stuff.
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