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When owning such a capable off-road vehicle like yours, you surely like to take it for a spin once for a while and explore new trails, conquer muddy terrains, bash through sand dunes, and so on. But safety should always come first, and when you trail off away from the paved streets along with your buddies, it is crucial for you not to bump into each other. Crashes away from civilization can be extremely dangerous and have severe consequences, so first and foremost, you need to make your vehicle visible to other drivers.

Bright-colored flags on long, flexible whips or antennas work fine on a bright sunny day, but when the sun goes down, your exterior illumination may become insufficient in some situations. Your taillights may become too dim with all the dirt flying around. Introducing a simple and elegant solution to the problem – the LED whip by Lumen. It features hundreds of individual LEDs along its 6-foot length that shine bright through the night while wiggling on every bump thus attracting lots of attention to your vehicle. You can customize the lighting pattern and color using a remote control. Watch the latest video review from our in-house expert Greg:

Lumen® RGBWHIP6 - 72" Remote Controlled Multicolor LED Whip at CARiD.com


  • Light source: multicolor LEDs
  • Whip length: 72"
  • Construction: flexible
  • Includes: wireless remote control

  • Ultra-bright multicolor display
  • Easy customization using a wireless remote control
  • 20 different colors, 21 flashing modes, brightness adjustment
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Durable, shock-resistant and weather-proofed construction
If you have used such an accessory before, feel free to share your thoughts in this thread. For more information, please visit CARiD.com.​
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