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Rugged Ridge Stinger on PureJeep Bumper

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I was going to make a stinger myself, but don't have a bender or know anyone local with one, so this seemed like an easier way.

It is a Rugged Ridge Stinger for their bumper, but after drilling and tapping a few holes for the upper mounts it fits perfectly.

I was a little concerned by how much it comes forward, but it is only 1" further forward than my old shackle mounts, so we'll see. If it gets in the way, I can cut and weld it to bring it back a couple of inches.


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I like those doors- do you sell them? If so, are the lowers avail by themselves?
Yes, but if you buy just the lowers they are not compatible with the uppers. Not sure why Bestop did it like that, but they did.

BTW Availability on all the Bestop JK doors is intermittent right now, as they are still ramping up production.
Thought about ordering one, but the $98.50 shipping charge was the deal breaker for me.
Shipping is about $30 for the stinger.
That's more reasonable.
It comes in a big box (42x33x16) and there is no way to ship it cheaper.
I wasn’t sure if I liked it when I saw the pics yesterday but now I do. Bastard!! now I’ve got something else on my list :shaking::laughing::D:smokin:
I'll be honest, from some angles it looks ugly to me to, but from others it looks great. I'm hoping that it won't interfere with approach angle as it is, in which case it will stay, ugly or not.

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do you think that is sturdy enough to actually be useful for its function?
Good question, it is only 0.120" wall, but should be strong enough to do it's job, especially the way it is supported. Obviously if you ram it hard it's going to give, but if you are just at the tip over point it will do it's job just fine.

My bigger concern is approach angle and it getting in the way. However, it only sticks out about 1" more than the d-ring shackles that were there before and they rarely touched rock. It would not be difficult to bring it back about 2", but I'm hoping I don't have to.
Off-Topic Phil but how are you liking the T-Max (if I am seeing that correctly)? I am considering one for my WJ.
This is my second T-Max winch and I like them. They work well and I've yet to have a problem. Some of the fittings/bolts/etc could be better quality, but I think they are pretty good value for money. My prior two warn winches both had problems, so I stopped paying for the Warn "quality" and went the T-Max route.
Couldn't live with the stinger sticking out so far, so a few minutes with a sawzall and welder moved it back 2-1/2".

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Hey Phil, you think that could be modified to weld onto the front of an E.O. basic DX and bolt onto frame rails in the rear?
I would start from scratch with some thicker wall tube. It's a pain I know, but I think that would be the best way to go for you. Just got to find someone with a bender and sketch up a rough drawing. That was what I originally was going to do, but couldn't find anyone local to bend it. Depending on how the RR Stinger works out, or not, I may end up going that route anyway.
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