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Rugged Ridge Stinger on PureJeep Bumper

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I was going to make a stinger myself, but don't have a bender or know anyone local with one, so this seemed like an easier way.

It is a Rugged Ridge Stinger for their bumper, but after drilling and tapping a few holes for the upper mounts it fits perfectly.

I was a little concerned by how much it comes forward, but it is only 1" further forward than my old shackle mounts, so we'll see. If it gets in the way, I can cut and weld it to bring it back a couple of inches.


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Hey Phil, you think that could be modified to weld onto the front of an E.O. basic DX and bolt onto frame rails in the rear? It's pretty much exactly what I am looking for to add on to my bumper.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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