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Rugged Ridge® Jeep® JK Aluminum Hood Catch Kit (07-14) Jeep Wrangler JK

The kit will now fit 2013 10th Anniversary Jeep® Rubicons due to a gasket revision made by Rugged Ridge®

SKU: 11210.11 (Black)
SKU: 11116.07 (Silver)
MSRP: $130.99
Online Sites: $98.99 +

Rugged Ridge® Aluminum Hood Catches

Is your Jeep® hood fluttering while driving? This could be a sign that it is time to replace your hood catch. The Rugged Ridge® Aluminum Hood Catches are built as a strong direct replacement for the OE catches that degrade and fail after years of use. These hood catch kits are adjustable, durable and aesthetically pleasing. The adjustable tension rod guarantees a precise fit. Installation is a breeze for any do-it-yourselfer with basic hand tools; the catches were designed to be a bolt-on solution using the same mounting points as the factory hardware.

Limited 5-Year Warranty

Subject to the terms, exclusions and limitations herein and with respect only to products first sold in the United States, Omix-ADA® warrants to the initial retail purchaser (“purchaser”) only that when installed and used on purchaser’s vehicle according to supplied product installation instructions and/or warnings, purchaser’s Omix-ADA® product shall be free of defects in material and workmanship for five (5) years.

About Rugged Ridge

Rugged Ridge® develops and sells Jeep® parts accessories for the growing Jeep® and off road enthusiast market. Rugged Ridge® is a division of Omix-ADA®, the market-leader for replacement and restoration Jeep® parts. With this know-how and experience the Rugged Ridge® pedigree is well established in the Jeep® market and with the Jeep® enthusiast. Realizing that there was a need for new Jeep® accessories, the Rugged Ridge® brand was established in 2005 to fill that need. Rugged Ridge® has designed and manufactured over 3,000 products for the Jeep® market and continues to develop hundreds of additional Jeep accessories each year. Many of the recent developed Jeep accessories are patented, like the Jeep® floor liners, Jeep® snorkel and Jeep® XHD modular bumpers. Count on Rugged Ridge® to provide you with true and proven Jeep parts and accessories.

My Thoughts

I received the Rugged Ridge® Jeep® JK Aluminum Hood Catch Kit earlier last week. The kit came in a well packaged box and everything was wrapped in protective material to guarantee a non-damaged delivery. Once I opened the box, I found that all the supplied hardware and install instructions were there to make for an easy install, but it would be nice if they added a 5mm hex key to kit. I happened to have two, but I'm sure most people only have one in their tool box and you will need two for the install. The catches are well made and have a great quality powder coat covering. The install was a breeze and gave the front end of the Jeep® a whole new look. With this hood catch kit, you will set yourself apart from other Jeepers and create that personalized look. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this kit for anyone that is looking to add quality and durability over the OEM hardware.


Even though my Rugged Ridge® Jeep® JK Aluminum Hood Catch Kit came in a great quality black powder coat, I had my kit re-done in a textured black so they would match all of my current powder coated pieces. My photos will mainly be taken from passenger side, but the install is identical for both sides.


The Rugged Ridge® Hood Catches are intended only as a supplemental to Jeep supplied latch at front of hood.

To avoid risk of property damage or injury: ALWAYS;
• Assure hood is fully secure by undamaged Jeep front latch and supplement side catches.
• Do not modify hood or catches to defeat intended safety of Jeep primary latch and supplement catch system.

Install Time

30 minutes to 1 hour

What comes in the kit

(2) Latches
(2) Latch Joints
(2) Pivot Bases
(2) Pivot Base Joints
(6) Binding Posts
(2) Catches
(2) Pivot Base Gaskets
(2) Catch Gaskets
(2) Adjustment Rods
(2) Safety Snaps
(4) Jam Nuts
(4) Small Flat Head Bolts
(2) Larger Flat Head Bolts
(4) Small Jam Nuts
(2) Larger Jam Nuts
(4) Small Washer
(2) Larger Washers

Tools Needed

• (2) 5mm Hex Head Key
• 4mm Hex Head
• ¼ Ratchet
• 13mm Socket
• 13mm Deep Socket
• 10mm Socket
• 5/8 Wrench
• Detail Spray and towel

Install Guide

Step 1

Pull OEM hood latches off mounting points on both sides of Jeep above flares/fenders. Then pull center lever to the right that is above grill to unlatch hood and prop hood open with hood prop rod once hood is lifted.

• For those that have never opened up their hoods, there is no hood pop button or hood pull lever inside of Jeep®.
• In my photo you will see that I have hood struts, so there isn’t a hood prop rod being used.

Step 2

Remove upper OEM hood catches.

• Use 10mm socket to remove upper inner hood nuts on both sides.
• Spray with water or detail spray and wipe area clean with towel on both sides of hood once removed.

Step 3

Remove lower OEM hood catches.

• Use 13mm socket on inner fender nut on both sides.
• You may need to use the deep socket to reach nut better. The flare is a little tight to get the ratchet and socket in, but it’s not hard. Some also say you can pull front grille to make it easier, but that’s just more steps and more unneeded work.
• Spray with water or detail spray and wipe area clean with towel on both sides of hood once removed.
• Pull and remove the rubber hood bumper from both sides.

Your OEM hood catches should now be fully removed and ready to install the new Rugged Ridge® Jeep® JK Aluminum Hood Catches.

Step 4

Remove the pivot base from both Rugged Ridge® aluminum hood catch assemblies.

• Use both 5mm hex keys to remove the binding posts.




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Step 5

Attach the hood bumpers that you removed in Step 3 to the new Rugged Ridge® pivot bases.

Step 6

Install pivot bases on both sides of Jeep®.

• Line up pivot base gasket.
• Install using larger sized flat head bolts, larger washers, and larger lock nuts.
• Use 13mm socket.

Step 7

Attach the Rugged Ridge® safety snaps to upper catch.

• Make sure safety snaps are securely attached.

Step 8

Install the catches to hood.

• Line up catch gaskets.
• Install using smaller flat head bolts, smaller washers, and the smaller lock nuts.
• Use 10mm socket.

Step 9

Reinstall the Rugged Ridge® hood latch assemblies you took apart in Step 4.

• Make sure all binding posts are fully tightened on the Rugged Ridge® Jeep® JK Aluminum Hood Catches.
• Use 5mm hex keys

Step 10

Adjust the Rugged Ridge® aluminum hood catches by first releasing the latch.

• With the jam nuts loose, rotate latch clockwise to increase tension or counter clockwise to decrease tension.
• When adjusted properly, hood should contact and slightly compress the hood bumper.
• Once adjusted, lightly tighten down the jam nuts using the 5/8 wrench.


Be sure adjustment rod has thread engagement equal or greater to 3 threads on each end. Operating Jeep with inadequate thread engagement could result in damage to Jeep.

Congratulations!!! Your new Rugged Ridge® Jeep® JK Aluminum Hood Catches are installed!

If you have any further questions for Rugged Ridge® their Facebook page and website link is below

Jeep Accessories, Bumpers, Lift Kits, Seat Covers, Soft Tops, Wheels, Winches by Rugged Ridge®

(Click hi-lited links)

If you have any questions for me, please PM me on forum or by email
[email protected]

Thanks for taking the time to read over my write-up!

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Since the write-up, I have sold my 2dr JK and transferred this kit over to the 4dr JKU. About 3 months after installing, I was up at dealership getting some recall stuff taken care of. When I arrived to pick up Jeep, I noticed my driver side latch didn't look right. I confronted service about the issue, and they pretty much said it wasn't them. I wish I took photos to show you guys, but didn't think about it at that time. It looks as if they adjusted the latches and forced them on, basically stripping the bolt right out of latches. I could wiggle the bolts, even when fully seeded. I called Rugged Ridge® about what had happened and they gladly sent me a new set without any complications.:thumbsup:

After my write-up above, Rugged Ridge® has done some modifications to these latches that I thought I would share. Please note that there is nothing wrong with their prior sets that you may own.


1. They now offer a textured black option.

2. The mounting tab is a harder more durable plastic.

3. The latch rods now have a sleeve over them for a tighter fit.(New rods won't in older latches.)

My set that I had powder coated is pretty much identical to their new textured black option. I am extremely happy with these hood latched and if you've been in the market for new hood latches, these are definitely the way to go.

Here are a few samples showing the difference between the ones I had powder coated over their new textured black.

Final Assembly

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