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Rubicon Trail info

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Alright fellas, this GA boy wants to live out the dream of traveling the Rubicon Trail. I am starting to plan a trip for summer of 2010 out to the Rubicon (assuming it stays open that long :thefinger: ). I have been trying to find some info on the net and on Pirate but some things I can’t seem to find through the abundance of information on the obstacles and all the companies who have tours on the Rubicon.

Can someone tell me:
-How long is the trail end to end?
-Where does it start and end?
-Can you run it either way and which was is harder?
-About how many days would it take to run the whole trail?
-What is the best time to do the trail both crowd and weather wise? Once I plan this trip I will run/winch up that damn trail rain or shine!

Like I said, lots of planning, summer 2010. The Jeep… better/more skids, diff guards, front and rear bumpers with winch, at least 2.5” BB and 33” tires. Already got the lockers and low transfer case so I think I should be good with some good driving, some bypasses, ect.

Looks like it would take me roughly 2.5-3 days to make the actual trip with a possible extra day detour in Wyoming up to Yellow Stone to visit a friend who works out there. The next step is to figure out where the trail starts/ends. Obviously if possible I would want to run it East to West because I am coming from the east. After traveling 4 days to get there we would stop in nearest town to pick up groceries, relax, stay the night there and get a mid morning start on the Rubicon probably on a Wednesday, maybe Thursday depending on how tired we are from driving since Saturday to get there. Then if we run East to West we would probably keep going to beach if the lady is with me, if not maybe more trails in the area.

Last question, who in CA wants to join me? :beer:
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You really haven't done much search. Every answer to your questions are available on the net.

If you want a guide, I'll do it. I just took a group over 2 weeks ago. http://www.jkowners.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2695 We have another trip planned for 17-19 July 09. You are definately welcome to join us. If you can't, I'm sure we will have a trip in 2010. We run it every year over the same weekend.

Or you can run the Jeep Jamboree for $350 per person.
*Edit, found a good site with start point maps. I shall keep searching for my other answers

I might take you up on that trip in 2010. How would 33's locked do?

AND please any opinions, suggestions, anything, people let me know. This is gonna be 2 years in the making, 2500 miles to get there 1 way, I want it to be the best I can make it!
33's will do fine but 35's are better. Definately need to be locked.
How would 33's locked do?
I did it in an XJ with 31's locked without too much problem - no body damage. I think you'd do fine with your setup.
I did it in an XJ with 31's locked without too much problem - no body damage. I think you'd do fine with your setup.
I did it with 31's in my samurai but worked my butt off. Just because people do it doesn't make it right. This year seemed a lot more difficult than the past. The obstacles were more difficult. The better you are set up the less chance of having a problem. You definately do not want to be "that guy" that gets his but kicked on the trail and is pulled off every rock.
I plan to be on a minimum of 32's locked, but in 2 years I will probably need a new tires (or want) and ill go with more along 33's. Seems like skid plates and other armor is where I need to be looking most at.
Having just completed the run with someone that had done it in a stock Rubicon in 02, he said there is no way he would ever do it in a stock rubicon again. The trail continually changes and gets harder every year.
It was several years ago when I did the trail in my XJ with 31's. I haven't been back since so the advice of others that have been more recently is certainly more accurate. At the time, I felt comfortable with the way my Jeep handled it and was able to complete Loon Lake to Tahoe without body or undercarriage damage. I had a very experienced "guide" with me.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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