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I putting up my rubicon swaybar I was going to put on my sport. Its from a 2012 , I was told it was working when took off. The guy replaced it with a antirock when he went to evo coilovers. I also have the wiring harness for it. I paid $250 for the swaybar and $120 for the harness. Will separate if someone wants just the harness. I will sell the harness for $100 shipped.

I just want what I bought it all for- $350

Also have original painted fenders. The issue is when I bought them, I didn't inspect them very well. And they had a lot of chips in the paint. So, I had a friend try to paint them, and that turned out worse then the chips. Now they are just sanded smooth and ready to be spray whatever color you like. They are black. That all said I have almost $400 invested in these. I would like to get $100 for them. I was quoted $150 to pain them from a mobile body guy.

$350 for sway bar setup

$100 for the fenders
Located in northern California / roseville
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