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Thanks for the kind words!

Sorry for not having all the details that may be needed. It does seem that most people hae been able to shoot me a PM and get it worked out.

That said hopefully this helps!

I am located in PHX, AZ. I have shipped flawlessly outside the state numerous times.

All parts that I currently have are for 2009 and newer and somtimes of late 2010.

Rubicon Unlimited:

Front and Rear Shocks
Front and Rear Springs
Lower arms

Package deal been asking $250

Front and Rear Bumpers, Spare Tire Mount:

Package Deal $250

5 18" Jeep Sahara Wheels no tires:


Also have some Toyota TRD coil overs, shocks and springs. For the friends of yours that don't own Jeeps.

All parts have come off typically new dealer vehicles. so miles are usually lower to none.

Please feel free to email me as i am not on the boards as much as i would like too.

[email protected]

1 - 4 of 4 Posts