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Just curious if anyone has tried to put a rubicon locker in a non-rubicon D44?

I know one issue is the carriers use different carrier bearings seeing as the Rubicon D44 uses slightly larger bearings. Are there any other issues?

My thinking here is if you were to use a "hybrid" bearing that has the same size bore as the Rubicon D44 bearing but has the same outer diameter as a non-rubicon D44 bearing it "should" work correct?

That way the bearings would fit on the carrier while still be able to also fit inside the bearing caps. Obviously you would have to switch 32 spline shafts. I know the rubicon lockers don't have a very good reputation, but they pop up on craigslist every once in awhile for a decent price for a cheap upgrade over an open carrier.

Just figured I would get some opinions from the experts on here. Hopefully it doesn't become a :shitstorm:
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