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Installed this kit beginning of the week, pretty hesitant on this kit there is not much out there on this set up, let alone RE cant even answer some questions I had. I will say it's a pain in the ass, but its worth it. Havnt taken it wheeling sense I put this on. Couple weeks ago I broke my track bar bracket on a trail and re-welded it up. I do have a Artec TB bracket, but the welds that are on there now seem to be fine for now. This kit did come with a raised track bar bracket, So I just installed the one that came with it for now and will hold off on the Artec one for the time being OR until it breaks again.

I got a killer deal on it from a local shop. The install is straight forward. Like I said it's a pain. You only have to drill two holes for 2 bolts to go in the rest bolts on to stock locations. The drag link is beefy solid chromo. TRE is a moog greesable end. The only issue I really ran into was the TRE adaptor in the knuckle. You have to drill a 7/8 into the knuckle much like the evo kit. So the TRE RE sent is short and I ended up having a little playing and the bottom of the knuckle on the castle nut! BUT I just so happen to have a EVO TRE adaptor! Swapped them out problem solved! Big improvement for the steering and front end over all! If you get this kit have a little time to throw it in! Took me 5 hours start to finish! Plus beer and taco breaks! :gluging:

Install notes,
Count how many rotations it takes to take the stock drag link out, that will help when putting in the new one, unlike me I lost count and said screw it, which took even more time.

Try and have a second body around to help, I had to break everything down Barney style for the wife to help with the steering adjustments.

Before the install I called RE for a tech question on a few pieces and their customer service is a joke. The guy just agreed with my questions so I was like :flipoff: I figure it out myself!
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