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Rubicon 7/18-20

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Ran the Rubicon last weekend. I took my Samurai (propane, 5.12's, 6.5-1, spool f/r,31 TSL radials). Had a blast. It was the 4th time I had ran it(3 previous were in my Jeep). The trail definately was the most difficult this time(probably because I don't have power steering yet). I ran the majority in 2 low and used 4wd only when really necessary. We decided to go from Loon to Rubicon Springs on the first day (10 hours) and then just kick back at the Springs for an extra day before heading up Cadillac and heading home. We ahd a total of 6 rigs (5 Jeeps and my Samurai)





http://s157.photobucket.com/albums/t52/glee57/Rubicon 2008/
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Lots of cool man, awesome looking up there. Did you guys run into a lot of people?
Good stuff!

I Ran Rubicon last month with Seapahn and a couple of folks from ROF. I agree the trail was much tougher than the last time I ran it '96. The locals say it's due to the influx of rock buggy type vehicles with 40's & bigger changing the complexion of the trail. Still a blast though! I wish I would have joined you guys for this trip.
Great pics. That Samura kicks butt too. I'm heading up there August 8,9,10. I think we are running the same part of the trail as you.
Thanks for the great pics!

Def on the "to do" list!!!
We have a trip scheduled for next year at the same time (17-19 JULY 2009) start preparing now. There will be more details @ www.myjeeprocks.com . The real plans for the trip will be starting around the first of the year.
what are the specs on the JK?
i saw the stock bumper and the D35 and no rock rails and it made me happy.
can you take easier lines around the hard stuff?
did you need any winching?
We did't allow any stock Jeeps on this trip. That Jk had 35's and was locked. Not really any bypasses. No winching.
cool, lockers it is then. i would really like to do this trip.
You have a year to get set up.
I love that trail, been running that trail since the early 80s have seen alot of changes.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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