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I added LT285/70R17 BFG Mud-Terrain KM2s and 5-hole Mopar wheels to our 2012 Wrangler Sport project car. They're just a hair under 33 inches tall.

RTI immediately improved from 561 to 626 after bolting them on, even though we've done nothing else. The wheel offset is significantly different, so the resulting wider track equates to more wheel lift at the more widely-spaced contact patches for a given angle of axle droop. For us that meant our re-tired Jeep climbed farther up the ramp.

Then we measured performance at the track -- acceleration, braking, grip, noise.

The gears are still the factory 3.21 fuel economy specials that came stock in our 2012 Wrangler 2-door with the 6-speed manual, so we have nowhere but up to go from here. Still, 7.5 seconds to 60 mph is not a bad number with this rubber and these gears. The new 3.6-liter V6 engine and the extra 83 horsepower it brings to the table deserves a lot of credit.

Next steps: a front stabilizer bar disconnect, a lift kit, high articulation arms, different gears and whatever else we can get our hands on.

And I can't wait to head out into the rocks and sand as soon as I get back from vacation.

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