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RROR Project Apex

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Project Apex is going to be built around our customers two Door Jk. This build is going to occur over three phases. Phase one has begun and phase two and three are being finalized. The major components are as follows:

Phase One:
River Raider custom armor wrap to include stretched corner armor, tube fenders and sliders.
River Raider fold down tailgate conversion
River Raider custom roll cage
Epoxy coated interior
Rock Krawler 5.5'' X Factor Stretch (8" stretch)
Bestop Bikini/Windjammer/tonneau cover
River Raider Front and Rear bumpers
River Raider Complete Skid System
1350 JE Reel Driveshafts

Phase two:
Torq Super 14 F&R with ARB lockers
42" Pitt Bull Rockers
17" Beadlock wheels

Big Brother Little Brother
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Hey Kenny, Looks great! Are those outboard rear mounts for shocks or coilovers?
I asked the same question. Answer was. He is still on 44 time being. Axles are not wider. Running 2.0 res coil overs. With I think 1.5 or 2" spacers and 4.5-4.75 bs wheels

Reason I asked, is I'm trying to figure out rear coil overs. Outboard as well.
So about 2.5" Backspacing (including spacers) on a semi-float D44 and 42" tires? That should hold up for a couple easy trail runs. :cwm13:
Or hold up until the rig is run over a pothole at speed. ;) No 42s yet. They are coming in Phase 2 with the tons...
Of course. Should have known.:)
So what wheel/tire/spacer combo will you be running in the meantime to clear those coilovers?

Also, just a tip... did you consider running some gusseting over the top of the frame for those rear CO mounts... or maybe a bolt-in strut tower support through the tub between the mounts?

Looks like the little gussets on them now are only on the face of the frame. That's a lot of stress on a fairly thin, single plane of frame.

I was amazed at how much mine moved/flexed before adding a crossbar. Just a bit of advice. I know Kenny knows what he's doing so I'm sure this has been considered already.:)
What bitch? I'm askin if they got fenders like this already made
Whoa! I'm a bitch now. :eek:
Haha my bad I didn't see that part and I thought you were bein a smart ass
I was being a smart ass. Cuz the answer to your question to the quote you quoted... was in the quote you quoted. Bitch.:thefinger:
Let's get back on track. I hate to muddy up a tech thread. But I'm also not a big fan of being called a bitch by an 18-year old. So I apologize for the brief derail. :drama:
1 - 9 of 109 Posts
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