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RROR Project Apex

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Project Apex is going to be built around our customers two Door Jk. This build is going to occur over three phases. Phase one has begun and phase two and three are being finalized. The major components are as follows:

Phase One:
River Raider custom armor wrap to include stretched corner armor, tube fenders and sliders.
River Raider fold down tailgate conversion
River Raider custom roll cage
Epoxy coated interior
Rock Krawler 5.5'' X Factor Stretch (8" stretch)
Bestop Bikini/Windjammer/tonneau cover
River Raider Front and Rear bumpers
River Raider Complete Skid System
1350 JE Reel Driveshafts

Phase two:
Torq Super 14 F&R with ARB lockers
42" Pitt Bull Rockers
17" Beadlock wheels

Big Brother Little Brother
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Factory cage removed....

New cage coming together.....

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Cage work continues....

Rocker Armor going on....

Front Corners formed and prepped for install....

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Are those pieces you'll be offering or are they just one offs for this build? Great start by the way.
We will be offering the front corner armor as builder pieces. However the compound forming of the front corner will need to be done by the installer. It will be something best handled by a skilled metal worker or a good fabrication shop.
River Raider Front corner armor going on....

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Front fender building time! We use 1.5''ID DOM tubing that has a 3/16'' wall thickness, 3/16'' steel bracing and 14 gauge top sheet that gets fully welded to form a super strong River Raider Tube fender.

The rear fenders are moved back 8'' to allow for the Rock Krawler stretch suspension kit. These stretched corners and rear fender builder kits are now available at riverraider.com

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Fenders and body armor getting finished up....

Time to turn our attention to the suspension.
We will be installing the Rock Krawler 8'' stretch kit and coilovers this week!

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Man those rear comp corners look good. Can you order them like this or is it all DIY?
We have been sending them out as a kit so that the fender height width and fitment can be dialed in to ensure the perfect finish. However we are offering them as complete welded units on a limited basis. Feel free to call and we can go over the options.

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For a rig that doesn't have a stretch (RK 2.5") would you recommend running these or the other tube fenders?
I would recommend running our regular tube fenders. This kit would not look right without Rock Krawler's 8" Stretch
Where do you guys reinstal the gas cap and tube?
If you check out Project Jager, you can see where we moved it in front of the driver side rear axle. you can see it in the first picture on this page here.
This project will be getting the new Rock Krawler coilovers on all four corners.
After removing the factory spring buckets and upper shock mounts we tacked in the new RK coilover mounts.

The Rock Krawler three link stretch system comes with this truss setup for the upper third link. With great street and off road handling the RK long arm systems have worked great on many of the rigs we have built.

The tub was smoothed out with a 10'' sub enclosure mounted in the back at the owners request. We also rerouted the wiring for the taillights and tailgate under the vehicle in water proof tubing to clear out the tub.

The Epoxy Coat finish that we use on all our fenders and bumpers was also applied to the entire tub and wheel wells.

Now the rig is off to paint. :)
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Back from paint....

Finishing up the rear Rock Krawler coilover mounts...

Rear Three link setup installed...

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Re-assembly continues....

Roll cage CB mount....

Rear Rock Krawler remote resi coil-overs installed....

Front 2-5/8'' Rock Krawler coil-overs....

Front River Raider Bumper....

River Raider Fold DownTailgate....

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The 42's will not be added until the 1 tons go in.... Not our first rodeo....

Rolled some 44's next to her to get a better idea of what the finished project will look like.

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River Raider has begun phase 2 on the Apex.

Here it is on arrival day

Dis-assembly begins...

Advance Adapters 4 speed Atlas going in

We will be installing these awesome Torq Super 14's with all the goodies

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Spot welded trusses?
Torq was nice enough to tack them in place for us. Once we get all of our axle bracket mounts welded in place they will get fully welded in.
We bolted on the wheels and tires to begin setting up the axles for the new mounts.

Once the brackets are fully welded in place the axles are ready for paint

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