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RROR Project Apex

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Project Apex is going to be built around our customers two Door Jk. This build is going to occur over three phases. Phase one has begun and phase two and three are being finalized. The major components are as follows:

Phase One:
River Raider custom armor wrap to include stretched corner armor, tube fenders and sliders.
River Raider fold down tailgate conversion
River Raider custom roll cage
Epoxy coated interior
Rock Krawler 5.5'' X Factor Stretch (8" stretch)
Bestop Bikini/Windjammer/tonneau cover
River Raider Front and Rear bumpers
River Raider Complete Skid System
1350 JE Reel Driveshafts

Phase two:
Torq Super 14 F&R with ARB lockers
42" Pitt Bull Rockers
17" Beadlock wheels

Big Brother Little Brother
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this will be interesting.
Got a little of that rain we had this morning out there in Lancaster County, I see.

Can't wait to see how it turns out.
Factory cage removed....

New cage coming together.....

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lookin good as always!!!
Looks excellent!I would love to do alittle custom work to mine
Always love your builds. This should be damn nice when done.
This is looking very cool! Can't wait to see how it come out.
Cage work continues....

Rocker Armor going on....

Front Corners formed and prepped for install....

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Yes please, subscribed
i'd love to just drop a 2dr off at your shop
Front Corner Armor

Are those pieces you'll be offering or are they just one offs for this build? Great start by the way.
Are those pieces you'll be offering or are they just one offs for this build? Great start by the way.
We will be offering the front corner armor as builder pieces. However the compound forming of the front corner will need to be done by the installer. It will be something best handled by a skilled metal worker or a good fabrication shop.
River Raider Front corner armor going on....

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Wow, a 6 speed build! Thats a rarity! :) Nice...
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