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We now have a EZAC Request module available for the guys running older LS conversion that want to send the AC request signal to the GM side for Idle bump and or Compressor control.

If your running a LS conversion without the AC request signal on the GM side you may experience a dip in idle or stalling when the compressor comes on. With our EZAC module we are able to send the proper request to the GM side when the compressor is commanded. When the GM side see's this request it will adjust the idle airflow in and out as the compressor cycles yielding a much more stable idle. If you running the fans properly on the GM side it will also adjust fan speed based on AC pressure.

We will offer the module a few ways to start with.
One is with a OBD2 plug that will plug into the OBD2 port and will require no wiring other than the AC trigger wire
Second is a Hardwire unit that you will wire directly into the GM Harness. Power, Ground, CAN+ and CAN- and Jeep AC trigger wire

This can also work with standalone LS conversions in hotrods and street car builds.

As always our LS JK conversion kit with EZCAN has this built in so if you are running our conversion its all ready working.
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