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Rough Country 2 1/2 Suspension Kit

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Looking for some advise - I just purchased a Rough Country 2 1/2 inch suspension kit for my 07 Sahara and was wondering if this is something I can install myself. Based on the directions it appears easy but was hoping for some feedback.

I also just pick-up stock Rubicon shocks, springs, and other suspension parts. Should I swap them while installing the RC suspension kit? Are the Rubicon shocks and springs better then stock Sahara shocks and springs?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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A good floor jack, some tools and a couple of jack stands and you should be good to go. I just installed two different lift kits on mine in the last month. You will be suprised at how simple it is. Just follow the instructions in the kit.

Thanks for the support! A friend of mine (mechanic) has offered to help for a keg of beer. I work for a brewery so nothing out of my pocket....

I will post pic's once done.

For sure use the rubi shocks. The jury is still out on any difference in the springs but I’d swap those since it’s easy. Does the RC kit come with control arms? If not I’m 99% sure the rubi and sahara control arms are identical so I world not swap those (PITA for no gain).

I put a 4 ½ inch full lift kit on with a friend and neither of us had done anything like that before. Follow the instructions and take your time, it’s not hard. Think about safety and put a couple of you wheels under the Jeep just in case it slips off the jack stands.

BTW, I wish I lived near you, a kegger sounds like a good deal ;)

Thought for sure the shocks and now I will switch the springs as well. I like the tire idea. Can't be too safe!

Thanks again!
just in case the instructions don't mention: lower or remove the tranny skid to make room for your front drive shaft to drop down enough to pull the driver side spring. that's the only thing that i got hung up on and over looked when installing my lift. you might even want to groove out a section in your skid for drive shaft clearance at full flex. shouldn't need much.
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