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Roll Call!!! + Sunshine State Show Off Thread

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I've seen some familiar names. Who else is running around FL?
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Michael hailing from Orlando:)
Your probably the other Black 4 Door JK I have been seeing around town. Good to put a name to the vehicle. I'm located over near the airport
Checking in from Pensacola.

Naples here, too.
i'm in pensalbama. my jeep is crossing the pond, and should be here around the first of the year.

i've seen a ton of jeeps around. from bone stock, to some real monsters, and a lot of in betweens.
I'm from Jacksonville but lived in Naples for 5 years before coming to Iraq.
In the gainesville are little town called chiefland
Miami... AKA... North Havana.

Mojito anyone? :D
pinellas park here
pinellas park here
Tony, good to see ya around.
Just found this forum. I see some familiar names from other forums. Checkin' in from So Fla.
1 - 20 of 501 Posts
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