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Need some heavy duty rocker guards for cheap! I have a set of frame mount rocker guards for sale. These things are super tough and are easy to use the hi-lift jack on. They are 67" long and made of 1.75" x 0.120 DOM and are bare steel. They come with 3 pre-notched legs per side that can be cut to length to allow for different mounting positions and angles. Welding is required. Note: These are not homemade. I bought them from a Toyota Off Road company after I found out they were very close to the length of the Off Road Evolution rock sliders that I wanted.
PM me any questions. Thanks!

$99 PICKUP ONLY Fresno, CA

Here is a pic of one side with 2 of the 3 support bars lightly tacked on for test fit.

The tubes can be cut to length. They come a little long and can be trimmed to desired length.
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