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In doing my due diligence when buying a suspension I landed on the Rock Krawler 2.5″ Flex kit. From what I read it provided a great ride and in helping a buddy install the same kit I saw that it flexed like crazy.

My kit was no exception this thing flexes like crazy BUT as you can see from this picture it flexes so much that the Front Coil Springs can literally fall right out. Now there are two solutions that I’m aware of, you get extended bump stops which would work to keep the coils in or you can get retainer clips. I opted to install the retainer clips.

I couldn’t find a writeup when searching the internet so here it is.
Note: You can see the write-up with photos here: http://jeepxchange.com/article/spring-retainer-clip-install/

What you’ll need
1. Rock Krawler Font Coil Spring Clips (Claim to come with instructions, mines didn’t)

2. Basic Tools: Sockets, Wrenches, Drill, 7/16 Drill Bit, Floor Jack, Jack Stands

3. Grease

4. Sharpie

5. Spray Paint (To help prevent rust)

Note: We did the driver side first which turned out to be easier because of space.

Spring Retainer Clip Installation
Step 1. Disconnect your front sway bar and loosen the the lug nuts on your front tires

Step 2. Use the floor jack to get your driver side up in the air. Place your Jack stand on the frame of your Jeep behind the front tire. Remove the front tire then lower the axle using the floor jack.

Step 3. The best place to put the retainer clip on the driver side is on the inside rear of the spring mounting bracket. On the passenger side the best place to mount the retainer clip is in the inside forward position. Position the retainer clip where you want it to go then mark the hole with a sharpie or pencil.

Step 4. Drill your hole (spray a little grease during drilling to make your job a little easier)

Step 5. Wipe down the bracket and spray some paint in the hole (have a beer while the paint dries)

Step 6. Re-insert your front coil spring, install your retainer clip, tighten.

Step 7. Get you tire back on, raise your jeep using the floor jack, remove jack stand, then lower to the ground. (You’re done with the driver side. Have a beer then start on the passenger side.)

Repeat these steps for the passenger side noting that the best place to mount the retainer clip is in the inside forward position. Because of the track bar bracket location we used a shorter bolt but you can cut yours if you want.

Be sure to re connect your front sway bar.

Once you’re done you can wheel with confidence that you’ll be keeping your springs in while flexing.
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