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Robb's 08' JKU Rubi Build

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Robb's 08' JKU Rubi Build(AKA Sarge)

New to the form but not new to the Jeep world. Owned a TJ for 8 years and built that up. Had to break down and buy a JKU. Have 2 kids that I want to take wheelin. So found a 08 JKU Rubi that is extremely clean and only 23,500 miles on it. Did a ton of research on lifts and long arm kits. Came down to Poly and Teraflex. Ended up going with the Teraflex do to cost of Poly. Did the 6" elite long arm from teraflex. Also did the matching Fox racing resi shocks. Front inner axle tubes and inner c braces. Also installed the spin tech locking hub conversion and up graded to all new chromoly axle shafts front and rear. Added 37 13.50 17 Toyos with race line monster bead locks.
Jeep rides better than and handles like a car. Very pleased with it do far.
Future add ons will be custom built sliders w/ PSC rocker armor, customer bumpers, on board air, gears, and 1 tons.

Before any mods. The way I bought it

The start of the Madness

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Some flex pics. Could of gone more but was making my boss worrier I was going to flip it.

Sliders I built

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Started on the front bumper this week. Using 3/16 plate. Going to be a stubby for better tire clearance and going to add a stinger to it

The start

Test fitting before doing the end caps

Back side shot

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More pics of bumper build

The welds

Just need to do the stinger. Drill holes for the winch and bolt holes for mounting the bumper

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looking good, nice work!
Oh hell yeah, nice build.
So far looks awesome! One of my all time favorite colors.
Looks good. What diff covers are those?
Looks good. What diff covers are those?
They are the Ruffstuff diff covers. Also running thier tie rod setup as well. They are less than 10 min from my house.
Great Job!!!!! Best looking garage built bumper I've seen.
Ooo that's freaking sweet
Thanks guys! Will be doing more welding on the bumper tonight. Then drilling the mount holes. Will do the stinger tomarrow night.
Nice work man! The sliders are tits so I can't wait to see the bumper!

LS in a JK

The Jeep looks good, nice touches.
Do the ruff stuff diff covers fit behind the stock steering lock to lock? That's the only thing holding me back from ordering them.

Sent from my iPhone on the toilet.
Yes the diff covers clear with the stock steering. They also clear with Ruffstuffs offset tie rod kit. Since the steering is so low on these JKs spend the $125 to upgrade the steering. Jeep even handle better putting it on. Took all the flex out of the stock steering. Highly recommend it to anyone for a simple fix for strength and drivability
I haven't welded the tube on yet. Wanted some opinions on it before I welded it. Like or dislike it and do it over. I will be putting Ruffstuffs hid lights on the top of the tube or on each side of the bumpers. Doing the smallest hid lights they offer

Oh I almost forgot I still need to smooth out the welds. The structural welds are on the inside. The outside welds were just to fill in the lines so it looks like the bumper doesn't have seams.
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I like the stinger, maybe tilt it out just a degree or two. I just hate the real tall pointy ones, yours I'd much better.
So finished the bumper a couple days ago. Didn't go with a stinger. Started to not care for it. Might do one later on.


Sleeved the frame for mounting the bumper

Frame mounts

Getting primer

Finished and bolted on. Just need the put the winch cable back on

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Got my PS rocker armor on and sliders finished and back on. Also added Ruffstuff HID 4" flood lights


Added mounts to tie into body mounts at the frame

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