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rim opinions???

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I am thinking about putting new wheels on my 08 black 2 door. I am thinking about either the pro comp 7005s or the mamba 3s, but I cant decide which I like better. Any opinions? Thanks!
Here are some pictures to help out.
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For me that would be a no brainer... the all Pro Comp Extreme!
That Pro Comp is badd-azz. The Mamba looks like a poser/ mall crawler wheel. probably more important is what you intend to do and what one appeals to you. If you are planning to go off-road a lot, then I would definitely stay away from the Mamba. It will really look like crap after a few scratches and dings.
Might I suggest Mopar/Hutchinson dual beadlocks?

Functionality pays in the long run.
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I run pro comp's on my jeep .had on my blazer..good wheel for the money..:)
I like them both. I would prefer the Procomps. I wish I would have bought all black wheels for mine. Do not think you will go wrong with either choice.
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