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Reverse Camera Hookup to OE in-dash Monitor

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Have 07 sahara unlimited and looking to hookup a reverse camera to my in-dash monitor from the factory. Is this possible without performing major surgery? If so technical details would be helpful.
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If you have a MyGIG, you can contact this company www.navtv.com. They sell a few products for the MyGIG system such as BlueGIG (gives you Bluetooth), AllGIG (gives you Bluetooth, ability to play DVDs with the vehicle in motion, and use the nav functions while in motion). They are now selling a gigcam, a back up camera for the MyGIG. In fact, they have a group buy going on over at jkboard.com for the combo of the AllGIG and gigcam. I am thinking of getting in on it, they need about 10 more folks for a group buy price.
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