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Relocate and More with Woods

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Wednesday, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Brett Woods of http://4xfix.com/) After emailing and talking with him on the phone, I had him install his Muffler Relocate, Evap Canister Relocate, Tailgate Shock and Storage Tub Enlargement Kit.

His products are very well thought out, and his craftsmanship is first-class.:D Even having these installed for only two days, I can already tell the Tailgate Shock works perfectly - no binding and very smooth.

The Evap Canister Relocate, to above the rear axle, is brilliant and no error codes of any kind have appeared. I checked with the service manager from the dealership and there are no warranty issues. (On a side note, it seems that the big "Will it void my warranty issue?" is completely dealer dependant. My dealer said that, "He" the dealer has the discretion on what to warranty and not "someone"???? from the factory. If you dealer tells you otherwise check with another dealer.)

The Muffler Relocate gets rid of "the big beast" out from under the rear cargo area, and also makes room for the Storage Tub Enlargement Kit. Also very well thought out, I might add, and now I have usable storage in the rear.

(The only reason I didn't get the Steering Stabilizer Relocate Kit is because one will be available from my lift kit manufacture. And the Woods hood shocks will be put on when I get my AEV Hood.)

I would HIGHLY !!! recommend his products to anyone considering them.

(And NO, this reviewer was not compensated for his opinions in any way shape or form.)

A toast to Mr. Woods - :beer::beer::beer:

I'll be seeing you on the trails very soon:bounce::bounce::bounce:
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Uhm, that just sounds wrong... :thefinger:
I read that quote as... Woods got a GOATSE. :thefinger::puke:
I read that quote as... Woods got a GOATSE. :thefinger::puke:
We're a couple of sickies! :grinpimp::grinpimp:
I read that quote as... Woods got a GOATSE. :thefinger::puke:
Had you been drinking, I tried even reading it upside down and didnt get that :shaking:

I agree Woods products rock and are top notch.
I got my evap relocation kit from Brett yesterday, installed it today and it's well invested money!:smokin: I'd highly recommend Brett, very good communications, excellent installation sheet and high quality products at fair cost! Looking forward to what this guy comes up with next...;)
To me his products seem top notch. As cash comes in I want all his mods.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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