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I think the only locker I've not heard reliability complaints about is the Detroit.

I have an ectd in the front axle of my F350 and have not had an issue with it, but I'm not rock crawlin the one ton either. I put it in for traction in snow and sand along with a Pro Series LS in the back. It has not adversly affected towing and the locker in front has worked great for times when the front absolutely has to pull to get you out.

That being said, I wasn't impressed with the 4WP shop at all. The front axle application hadn't been out long enough for the bracket for the actuator to be well engineered. (tight)

With an ARB you'll have compressor things that can go wrong and will have air leaks. I think the cable actuator idea sounds reliable but I've not tried one. Selectables won't ever be as reliable as the Detroit but they are way more friendly being selectable.
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