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Being in need of a hinge mount tire carrier to carry more crap and also being a cheap ass, I bought this as it looked good, would allow me to use the trailrack mount I had previously made, and is the cheapest priced out there. This setup is at least 80lbs lighter than the Atlas carrier I had previously.
Of course after I hit the buy button did I find negative reviews of this tire carrier. Hopefully most of what I read was caused by the reviewers blatant installation without regard to the crappy hardware and mounting designed into this kit.
First off, this product didn't come with any directions or any other paperwork.
Second, the ad pic shows bolts mounting the carrier to the tailgate and the hinges to the body, whereas mine came with allen heads with no washers. The allen heads were only a tad bigger than the mounting holes!
Third, they used 4 bolts to individually connect the hinges and the ad pic even shows them all crooked and all kinds of gaps between bolts and ears.
Fourth, they included 4 fiberglass spacers to make up the over 1" gap between the carrier and where the stock tailgate-side hinges were. Test fit proved even a 1/4" plate doesn't take much pressure to flex putting pressure on the entire assembly.
Fifth issue I didn't like after I received the carrier was that the inner hinge ears were unsupported.

So my reengineering mind went straight to work and list of mods made.
Luckily this install isn't complicated so the non-existent instructions didn't matter.
See my pics of the kit hardware which nothing was used except those black spacers vs the $60 of new hardware (bronze bushings) which I bought and used.
Second mod was to weld on supports to the inner ears.
Third was to bore out all hinge ear mounting holes to 9/16".
Fourth was to countersink the Jeep-side hinge mount holes to reuse the stock torx bolts.
Fifth was to cut off the tailgate side of the stock hinges, then grind off some of the sides to fill the gap between the tailgate and carrier to replace where they designed those fiberglass spacers to fill. I did cut down those spacers and used them just cause.
Sixth was to use all those bushings I bought to mount the carrier bracket to the hinge bracket with a single bolt thru each. Hopefully the pics are good enough to show how the bushings are placed.
This thing now swings freely and the tailgate fits perfectly. I do need to get 1/2 longer hinge bolts as the 4 1/4" I used were the only ones I could find from a box store.
Now to engineer a highlift jack mount and maybe a gascan carrier and...........................

Ad pic;


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Kit hardware;

My hardware;

Install prep;

Inner ear supports welded on;

Reused stock hinge fillers;

Bushing/bolt installs;

Final product;

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