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Redrill wheel mounting surfaces?

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Anyone considered redrilling the wheel mounting surfaces for a different lug pattern so you would have a larger selection of available wheels?
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unless you have acces to do it I think spacer/adapters would be a lot cheaper in the long run seeing as how you would eventualy have to re-drill another set of rotors from time to time when those go.
That and spare rear axles, and maybe a spare front hub or 2.
I bought and used a set of Tera-flex wheel spacers. They were 1 1/4 wide and had three bolt patterns on them. first pattern is the origonal 5 on 5 so you can mount them to your hubs. They also had 5 on 5.5 and 5 on 4.5. They come with studs and nuts. I had to trim the factory rear wheel studs to install the spacers and not have the origonal studs touch the new rims. The fronts needed no mods.
local axle shops will do it for you, but you're talking about quite the process.

1. get axles and rotors out
2. have studs pressed out
3. have them drilled
4. have new studs pressed in
5. put jeep back together

Also, keep in mind every time you replace brake rotors you will have to have them re-drilled too.

Wheelspacer/Adapter idea seems much better.
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