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Has anybody got any experience with the Red Neck Ram on JL? I have talked to Justin and I like the product better than PSC. My JL is supposed to arrive next week, and it's going to the shop for the build. Here's what's going on it so far....
Metalcloak Game Changer w/o Shocks Metalcloak
ARB Compressor Mount MORE
CB mounting bar [Banned Site]
Falcon 3.3 Fast Adjust Piggyback Teraflex
Trail Grappler 40 13.5 Nitto
Frt Bumper Alum Patriot Mid RockHard
Frt Bumper Tow Bar Brackets Blue Ox RockHard
Rr Patriot Bumper with Spare Carrier RockHard
Rockhard4x4 Armor System Rockhard
Rocker Guards-Steel-Powdercoat Genright
Zeon 10S Warn
Compressor-twin Arb
Seat covers Bartact
New Raceline RT 233 Wheels Raceline
Powdercoat Rocker Guards Powdercoat
Blue Ox
Tazer JL Northridge
Tie Rod Synergy
Drag Link Synergy
Dana Wiring Harness Dana
Front AND Rear Drive Shaft JE Reel
JL High Line Light Package Amer Adventure
Artec Frt Solid Fender Liners Artec
Artec Rr Solid Fender Liners Artec
Dana 60s Dana Spicer

I'm thinking I'll drive it for a few days to be sure there aren't any issues with build, then send back to shop for Red Neck Ram.

Specific questions I'm looking for answers are:
1) General handling changes after Red Neck Ram installation
2) I want to be able to flat tow this Jeep, anybody have any issues with flat towing?


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Sir, there are no banned sites on JKO. Just because Eduardo is a cock-guzzling thunder-**** doesn’t mean you can’t talk about stuff purchased from his homosexual lifestyle blog. Just sayin. Just know that every time you use your CB you will probably contract the HIV. That’s all.

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Holy wall of text BatMan.

I hope you did the copy/paste thing from your other thread.

That’s one Hell of a parts list to type.

Should be a nice rig when you getrdone.

Looking forward to pix.
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