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So i really really really wanted a Gobi roof rack for my trip across the Mojave Trail last weekend. The only thing holding me back was the $1500 i was short so for under $40 ended up an old XJ rack installed.

I cut the cross bars shorter so it would ride on the ridges of the hard top. I ended up taking about 2 inches off in the end after a few test fits.

Held it all together with tie downs to get everything mocked up and marked up and drilled the pilot holes.

We drilled the hard top in the 8 spots where the original mounting points on the rack were. We used a shop vac as we drilled to stop the fiberglass going all over the inside of the jeep. One set of holes ended up being under the speaker pod plastic but that only takes 10 min to remove.

We were going to used 1 inch wide strips of aluminum on the inside of the hard top to act as a load spreader along the length of the install, but ended up just use large fender washers.

The load or downwards force is well spread out from the rack itself and we did over 400 miles with it loaded last weekend including a few hundred at highway speeds and 140 off road on the Mojave trail with zero issues so am happy with the fender washers on the inside.

Now its no Gavin or Gobi rack but my total investment was about $4 for the hardware and $30 for the rack form a pick and pull. i would think you'd be good with 75-100lb up there (depending on off road conditions and driving style) as that is what we must have had in the end and works great until i can save up for a Gobi Stealth. I think i keep my eye open on Craigs list for a THUL basket that i can put on and off just to reduce the time it takes to strap everything down.

make zero noise at 80mph unloaded, is low enough so i can still get in my garage and looks almost factory. You could make a 2 door version just by cutting down the rails that run front to back for length.

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