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Some of the full systems do a nice job at protecting the crossmember before you bash the heck out of it (depending on what terrain you are doing/your driving style).

The OEM transmission skid can catch on a rock do to it's design and it hangs a bit lower than the aftermarket ones. Because of that I ended up choosing RR's oil/tranny skid.

IMO, the OEM transfer case skid does it's job pretty well. (I cut those ears off to make it flush with the RR). I'm putting that skid money towards other things.

Gas skid takes a beating, But can be hammered out. A RR skid is somewhere (way down) on the list of upgrades though.

Evap - that's easy: skid it, move it or lose it. I moved mine vs skidded on the off, off chance that a boulder would hang me up in front of a skid or throw me off my line.
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