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Replace it all with ROCKHARD and be done with it.
^^^This. :smokin::beer:
There's a big debate between steel vs. aluminum skid plates (weight of the steel versus the aluminum "sticking" to the rocks). Like it was said above, it all depends on what you're doing with it, and where you're offroading. If you are going to be limited to just gravel roads and fire trails, then the stock skids are fine. If you're planning on doing a bit more rock crawling and such, then the Rock Hard 4x4 skid setup is great. :D (...or River Raider)

You'll also want to swap out for a heavier-duty set of diff covers.

My list includes:

Rock Hard full skids (they're not really that color)

Poison Spyder Evap skid

Poison Spyder Diff Covers

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