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RECALL: 2009 JK Wrangler - Hood Latches

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November 2008
Dealer Service Instructions for:
Customer Satisfaction Notification H38
Primary Hood Latches

2009 (JK) Jeep® Wrangler
NOTE: This notification applies only to the above vehicles built from August 13, 2008 through October 02, 2008 (MDH 081317 through 100219).
IMPORTANT: Some of the involved vehicles may be in dealer vehicle inventory. Dealers should complete this repair on these vehicles before retail delivery. Dealers should also perform this repair on vehicles in for service. Involved vehicles can be determined by using the VIP inquiry process.

The two primary hood latches on about 7,300 of the above vehicles may have been incorrectly manufactured and could fail. A primary hood latch failure on one side of the hood can cause the hood to flutter on the affected side. If both primary latches fail, the hood can lift to the secondary hood latch position while driving.

Both primary hood latches must be replaced.
Each dealer, to whom vehicles in the notification were assigned, will receive enough hood latch packages to service about 20% of those vehicles.

Part Number Description CBB0H380 Hood Latch Package
Each package contains two hood latches.

1. Open the hood.

2. Remove the right (passenger side) primary hood latch fastener (Figure 1).

3. Remove and discard the hood latch assembly.

4. Install the new hood latch assembly.
NOTE: Be sure the anti-rotation tabs line up with the holes in the fender.

5. Install the hood latch fastener and tighten to 13 ft.lbs. (18 N·m).

6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 to replace the left (driver’s side) hood latch assembly.

7. Close the hood and verify that both latches operate properly.

Labor Operation Time
Replace right and left hood latches 0.2 hours
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wonder what the cost will be if one wishes to purchase outright...and what is the difference from these latches, and the ones installed on a '07 and '08 JK?
wonder what the cost will be if one wishes to purchase outright...and what is the difference from these latches, and the ones installed on a '7 and '08 latch?
I bet they cost more than the daystar ones. “Install the new hood latch assembly”. Sounds like the whole thing not just the rubber band and the bolts like with daystar.
[email protected]$ksuckers. :pissed:
This sounds like a different issue to the usual hood flutter. It states that it only effects about 7,300 vehicles and the latches were manufactured incorrectly. I bet they are just replacing them with the regular latches.
This thread made me go out and buy the Daystar latches. It just sucks to see my hood bounce all over the damn place every time I drive on the freeway. Thanks Phil by the way.
so for shiitsngrins i told my dealership about the hood flutter. I did this while i was getting a oil change, so i had nothing to lose.

When i got the jeep back the service advisior said "the tech checked it out and said that they all do that"

On a side note, i saw a 2008 Demo SRT Cherokee for sale and it was only $32K and it got me thinking of a trade in:)
The H38 recall list at $8.83 for a complete set.
I bet they cost more than the daystar ones. “Install the new hood latch assembly”. Sounds like the whole thing not just the rubber band and the bolts like with daystar.

Nope...$11.00 the pair...the rubber compound used feels harder, and less prone to stretch....2 minute fix from what I understand...

Just picked up the recall replacement latches today for $9 (pair) at the dealer. The parts guy told me they aren't supposed to sell recall parts, but I told him about the hood flutter (which he'd never heard of) and he said OK. I haven't installed them yet, but I unlatched the old latch (so it wasn't under tension) and it is a full 1/4" longer than the new one. Unless the new one stretches and takes a set, I have no doubt this will fix the problem.

After a few days of not having the right ratchet extension then not wanting to deal with knuckle-busting cold, I got them installed.


8.5 hours of driving yesterday at 75-80mph and not one little flutter no matter what the wind did or how close I was to 18 wheelers.

Easily the best $9 mod (ok, factory do-over) for the Jeep.
Another update: They stretch. I drove 1000 miles this week and the hood bounces again. Not as bad as before but I have 72000 miles more on the old ones so I guess by then these will be about the same. I guess I need to pull the spring too.

They won't do mine under recall because my build date is 11/2008, but I just bought the parts anyway:
P/N: CBB0380
BIN: 117B4
LIST $9.71

It's not just the rubber, it appears to be the whole assembly.
well, after 150 miles the new ones showed NO signs of bounce. keep in mind my JK was bouncing from day 1, so this is not a stretch issue. I really think these new latches are stronger (or shorter).

oh, and getting a wrench inside the fender was NOT pleasant!

Thanks for the Heads Up Lance.

I bought my JK last December (4400 miles), and haven't had any problems with hood bounce....until yesterday. And it was quite unnerving even though I kept telling myself it would be ok.

According to my VIN, my jeep doesn't need any recall parts, etc.

I ordered the Daystars today. They have too many good reviews here, and I don't want to mess with buying the Mopar ones and risk it not fixing it.
I got the recall notice in the mail a couple of weeks ago but haven't done anything with it so far because I haven't had any issues with the original ones...

Then again, I just passed 1K miles this weekend so.....
If anyone prefers the Daystar Hood Wranglers over the factory parts I have them in stock. All current promos apply.

Took my 09 sahara in for 10k service and 5 tire rotation yesterday.I was going to ask if it was on the recall list, but before i could they informed me that they had new latches to be put on due to recall. i must say they look beefier than the old ones, and it takes a bit more effort to latch them. I noticed less hood flutter when semis went by, time will tell if they keep working as good as they are now.
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