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Rebel Mothership is now on line

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been here for a while- for a long while and never posted- anyways this is my new home!

this is the rebel mothership!

2007 Flame Red JK Rubicon Unlimited with an Adventure Trailer

Camp Setup

Audio - 10 LOUD speakers

Hemi 5.7

and now i introduce the wife and i - we are glad to be part of this forum!!

and now if i could get her to trade in her 'stang for a JEEP! oh an dlike this picture states it feel good to be here as we are now floating on air!!
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Welcome to freedom land....JKO ;) That is some serious JK party machine man.BTW.....where did you get the anti-grav shoes? :smokin:
ohhh the gravity lift was leaving the other site and coming here! believe me we are floating on air to be here!!
Hey Rocko... Good to see you over here. Bumped into you at the river Sat, but I was taking off as you guys were setting up. I look forward to seeing you on the trails. Welcome!
i see you quite a bit on the AZVJC- i ran 2 runs with papa moe in the past!\
give scott hell for trashing you for leaving with the other group JK:shaking:
That's a nice looking set up:smokin:

thanks - every rig i have scene blown me away- especially when i ran with the "kidz" last week!!
Hey some of us are slow learners :thefinger:. Glad you woke up out of the matrix! You'll fit right in here. We were the island of misfit toys - but I think Edwina has to be starting to worry that we are getting bigger and bigger over here (and the forum is full of people who wanna piss on his corpse).

Regardless - welcome aboard.
hell - am not waiting to piss on his corpse- i will piss on his air vents on his jk in moab
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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