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Rear seat latch ??

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Am I missing something ?! How the heck do you get this thing to relatch??
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Are you talking about when you put the seat back in, or when folding it back down?

When putting it back in, you just clamp the seat into the front brackets and push and it should lock into place and then to fold it down, you just push it back til it clicks..what kinda problems you having?
It locks down in the front but the back of the seat will not latch down I've tried holding the handle up , putting my weight on it (185 lbs.), and anything else I could think of.
Check the release bar that is used to release the latches to pull it out and make sure it is completely latching down and I assume you check the carpet to make sure that its not in the way?
Push back on the seat back you say??? Now why didn't I think of that. I'am really not retarted. (for some reason I thought I locked "down").
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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